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Texture and motion perception

1 Apr 2014

I was lucky to join the PRISM Network just before the meeting in Bordeaux last year; this way I got to meet all members of the network and hear about what they were working on. It has been over 6 months now since I have joined Katja Doerschner’s lab in Ankara. We have started looking at the effect of different materials on 3D perception of surfaces especially when the object is moving.  For the better part of this time, I have worked with computer graphics software only to realise that there is a lot more I’d like to learn! The textures created with these graphics software can change an object’s appearance from a rigid rotating potato to an almost jelly like surface; an effect that is visible only when there is object motion involved. I have now run a couple of experiments to see the change in perception when the object starts to move. It is going to be interesting to look at this change in terms of specular flow more thoroughly in the future. I am sure the next project meeting will be useful for my current results and what to focus on next.     Looking forward to meeting everyone in Delft!

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