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Art meets Lighting

9 Nov 2016

Museum Prinsenhof in Delft made an overview exhibition of the works of Jan Schoonhoven. Jan Schoonhoven  (1914-1994) is regarded as one of the most important Dutch artists of the late twentieth century. He is recognized for his extensive and systematic investigations into light, form, and volume through his sculptural wall reliefs and works on paper. The perception of the wall reliefs strongly depends on their lighting - googling a specific relief one can see that the same work at one exhibition often looked completely different at another exhibition, due to lighting variations. However, this was never demonstrated at exhibitions of his works. We were asked to collaborate in the design of the exhibition in order to show such effects and explain the scientific backgrounds. We contributed with an interactive lighting installation (graduation project of Cris van Hoogdalem, supervised by Sylvia Pont) and two chapters (authored by Sylvia Pont) in the book with the exhibition “Look, Jan Schoonhoven” (museum Prinsenhof, Delft, October 31, 2015 to February 14, 2016, see the museum agenda and the book webpage). Our lighting design was also used in the main hall of the exhibition, but in a much more subtle manner. Here our group also conducted an experiment, the results of which were presented at the VSAC 2016 symposium (The influence of illumination on perception of works by Jan Schoonhoven. Maarten W.A. Wijntjes, Susan F. te Pas, Marga P. Schoemaker, Sylvia C. Pont, F. Zhang, T. Kartashova & C. van Middelkoop). See the video about the exhibition here.