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Color categorization of natural objects

10 Oct 2014

Hello everyone! It’s my turn to say a few words and share my PRISM experience with the world.It’s been almost a year now since I joined PRISM network and Karl Gegenfurtner’s lab at the Justus Liebig University, Giessen, Germany. As a Marie Curie fellow, and a member of the PRISM Initial Training Network,  I am lucky to have an opportunity to learn a lot through intensive trainings being delivered by focus groups and regular project meetings, as well as to be able to meet many outstanding scientist from the field of visual science, neuroscience, computer graphics and many others.In a study, I am currently working on, we have started investigating how human visual system assigns a single color name to natural objects. This question is particularly interesting if you keep in mind that natural objects almost never have a uniform color across the surface. We are trying to find out which statistics of the objects’ color distribution might be informative enough to allow us to put a non-uniformly colored object into a single color category. So far, we have developed a simple model that can predict a vast majority of human observers’ data and some results are ready to be presented at the PRISM4 meeting in Ankara, Turkey. I look forward to get a feedback from other fellow ESRs, as well as from PIs from the network.