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University of Birmingham

Research in Welchman’s lab focuses on the mechanism of 3D vision, using behavioural, modelling and brain imaging approaches. Research examines how binocular disparity information is combined with other cues (texture, shading, motion) to inform perceptual judgments of both 3D shape and appearance. The work is situated within the Bayesian theoretical framework, and seeks to determine the perceptual mechanisms that support robust object recognition and the visual control of action. Brain imaging work examines the cortical circuits that support 3D vision, combined advanced brain imaging protocols (high-resolution fMRI) with state-of-the-art machine learning analysis methods (Support Vector Machines and regression approaches). Additional work examines multisensory integration (sound, touch, vision) for movement control and timing.

School of Psychology University of Birmingham
B15 2TT  Birmingham  United Kingdom
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