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Dicle Dövencioğlu

Early Stage Researcher
+90 (312) 290 3003
National Magnetic Resonance Research Centre, UMRAM, Bilkent University
Cyberplaza, C Blok, Kat:2
06800  Ankara

I had my Bachelors degree in Mathematics and Masters degree in Cognitive Science, both in Middle East Technical University, Turkey. Afterwards, I worked with Drs Andrew Schofield and Andrew Welchman in the University of Birmingham on shape from shading and binocular disparity. I used psychophysics and fMRI techniques to evaluate the 3D shape estimation from shading and disparity, and the integration of these two cues. Within the PRISM project, I will be working on the cues which signal surface material quality, and the underlying neural processes during material perception. Specifically, I will be looking at the role of different textures (e.g. specular, lambertian, etc.) and object motion on the perception of surface shape.

Selected Publications

Dövencioğlu, D.N., Wijntjes, M.W.A., Ben-Shahar, O., Doerschner, K. (2015). Effects of surface reflectance on local second order shape estimation in dynamic scenes. Vision Research doi:10.1016/j.visres.2015.01.008

My projects