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Lukas Fabian Schaeffner

Early Stage Researcher
Adaptive Brain Laboratory of Dr. Andrew Welchman
United Kingdom
Integrating brain imaging and intervention to understand perception:

Successful everyday interactions rely on the brain’s remarkable ability to rapidly integrate complex visual signals into meaningful perceptual objects. For example, visual inspection allows of x-ray images enables a baggage screener to (a) locate unusual objects hidden in the distracting background of a package bag and (b) uncover whether the suspicious object is a sausage or a gun. These visual processes of (1) detecting and segmenting visual elements into meaningful items, and (2) making fine judgments of the critical features of such items are central to visual perception, and importantly, these skills are known to improve with training. My project aims to understand these mechanisms that underlie our everyday perception, and how they improve through experience. In particular, I aim to uncover the brain plasticity mechanisms that support our ability to learn to see better.