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Pedro Faria

Early Stage Researcher
Laboratory for Neuro and Psychophysiology, Faculty of Medicine
Research Group Neurophysiology O&N II Herestraat 49
box 1021
3000  Leuven
- High Level Neural Representations of Shape for Grasping -

 I work in the Laboratory for Neuro and Psychophysiology at KU Leuven, under the supervision of Peter Janssen. The focus of my PhD work is to build a computational model of how certain aspects of shape processing occur along the dorsal stream of the Rhesus Macaque monkey. For that purpose, some data will be collected through the use of single-cell intracranial recording tehniques, to add to the existing data on this area of the Macaque brain and help guide the creation of the model. I am recording in the anterior sector of the ventral premotor cortex (F5a) and the neighbouring region 45B, which are among the final stages of the information flow along the dorsal stream of the visual system and to which there exist projections from the AIP area, which previous data suggests plays a major role in visuomotor transformations for grasping. I have a deep interest in Artificial Intelligence and in a number of mathematical approaches to the study of Neuroscience and Cognition, ranging from the description and simulation of single-neuron and network dynamics (e.g. using Dynamical Systems Theory and ANN's), to the application of Information-theoretic concepts in Biology and the role of evolutionary principles and algorithms in the emergence of Intelligence.  My background is in Applied Mathematics and I hold a BSc and an MSc from IST Lisbon in this field, with a specialization in Computer Science.